Monday, October 7, 2013

Paranormal Journeys-A book review

October in the Tennessee Valley means it is time for hayrides, bon fires and ghostly tours of haunted places. If you are one of those people who prefer real haunted sites over the make-shift haunted houses of today’s Halloween, then I have the perfect book for you. Paranormal Journeys by Paul Cagle and Robert Freese discusses some of the most haunted places in the Chattanooga area and the personal experiences that have occurred at each of these locations.
Memorial Park is investigated in "Paranormal Journeys"

Paul Cagle grew up in a haunted house in Dunlap, Tennessee. Due to the paranormal experiences he had as a child, Paul co-founded the SouthEastern Paranormal Society (SEPS) in 2006. SEPS began to investigate the known haunted areas around Chattanooga hoping to learn more about paranormal activities. During the course of his investigations and search for knowledge, Paul came in contact with an author, Robert Freese, who offered Paul the chance to co-write a book concerning his local, Chattanooga investigations. Paul jumped at the chance, and Paranormal Journeys was birthed.

"They lurk in the darkest corners of a forgotten cemetery, within the shadows of a forlorn country hotel, among the swaying branches surrounding Devil Worshippers Mountain and inside the long corridors of an abandoned hospital. They are watching us, trying to make contact from the other side. They exist within a world between ours and the next. Take this journey with paranormal investigator Paul Cagle as he encounters supernatural phenomena while searching for the ultimate truth. It is a journey you will never forget."
Paranormal Society; excerpt from cover.

Some of the ghostly places covered in Paranormal Journeys include the Old South Pittsburg Hospital where phantom footsteps still walk. The Walking Horse Hotel and Memorial Gardens where various EVPs(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and visual sightings of apparitions have appeared.  The story of a ghostly bride who still waits at the altar for her long, gone groom at the Patton Chapel is retold, and possible experienced in this book. The stories of this nature continue throughout the book providing chills and, at times, laughter (at some of the antics that occurred during the investigations).

This is a delightful book for readers and non-readers alike. It is the perfect mixture ghost stories, historical information and paranormal investigations all about Chattanooga and the surrounding area. The book is available in paperback and on the Kindle through Amazon. To purchase Paranormal Journey by Paul Cagle and Robert Freese, click here.