Sunday, December 14, 2014

Whistle Stop Grill in Blue Ridge, GA

Hamburger with provolone
My husband and I went on a small day trip to look over a few cool sites he had found during his travels as a courier for a local delivery service. After seeing a couple of old houses and one marvelous old mill in Calhoun, GA, we drove up to Elijay and Blue Ridge. By the time we had looked around Blue Ridge, GA, our stomachs were growling and we were ready for some major food. We looked around and found a little hole-in-the wall restaurant called Whistle Stop Grill.
Another shot inside Whistle Stop Grill

I expected a lunch counter type restaurant and was very surprised when I walked into a dimly lit establishment. I discovered quickly this place was much more a bar and grill then just a grill. None-the-less we set down to enjoy an exceptional lunch. Since great minds think alike, we both decided to order hamburgers. I ordered a cheeseburger with the typical garden and hubby had a mushroom-swiss burger. We were not impressed with the prices since both burgers were around $9.00 each. We finally decided that price was not too bad since it included our choice of a side. Of course, we chose fries with our hamburgers.

Outside the Whistle Stop Grill
The wait was a bit longer than I am use to and I was beginning to get nervous when our burgers finally arrived. As the server placed the baskets on the table, my hubby and I locked eyes and nodded. We were both impressed. The burgers were the perfect size and looked absolutely delicious. Once we had added our condiments, we took our first juicy, greasy bites and both moaned in pleasure. They were absolutely heavenly. The seasoning of the burger was almost over done but, we loved it that way. After we polished off the burgers, we began to munch on the fries. The fries were of the shoe string variety and seasoned perfectly.

Although, the service and food were slow and the atmosphere/building was a bit rough around the edges, I would highly recommend the Whistle Stop Grill as a great place for a good burger. They are located at 500 East Main Street in Blue Ridge, GA. Since they are on the basement level, they can be hard to find but they are worth looking for, trust me. Good night and may sweet dreams of exploring the wonderful Chattanooga area come your way.

Inside Whistle Stop Grill