Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Georgia Winery-The Tour

Georgia Winery by Brad Snoke
Georgia Winery, located at 6469 Battlefield Parkway, is well-known for their spectacular events and wine tasting. One day, my husband and I stopped by when they were conducting free tours with music and free wine tasting. We had a great time and want to thank the Georgia Winery for providing us with something a bit different to do.

Adrian, the grandson of founder, Dr. Maurice Rawlings, was our tour guide and informant extraordinaire. The tour began in the back processing area where we learned how the grapes were grown, processed into wine, bottled and labeled. We, then, toured the event center and the Vineyard Garden where wedding ceremonies are held. Each area was explained in detail and questions were answered thoroughly.  After the tour, we looked around the gift shop and tasted some very superb wine. The gift shop was full of unique gifts that ranged from gourmet cheese, to chocolate, to wine accessories.
Wedding Area at Georgia Winery by Brad Snoke

During our tour, it we discovered that The Georgia Winery practices a few procedures that are very admirable.  First, they bottle the wine by hand instead of machine, helping to keep people employed during this hard economic time. Second, they grow all their muscadines organically. There are neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers used. In the beginning, the Rawlings family attempted to grow grapes similar to the Concord, but they had to spray chemicals every 10 days to help the grapes to grow here. Once they discovered muscadines grew easily and without chemicals, they rearranged their plans to match Mother Nature’s plan.

All in all, our time at the Georgia winery was enjoyable, romantic and informative. I would highly recommend stopping in and enjoy their tours, wine and gift shop. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic date or a group of women ready for a girl’s night out, I guarantee the Georgia Winery will have an event for you. They are open Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. For a listing of upcoming events, check out their calendar.
Flower at Georgia Winery by Brad Snoke